Hello World!

My name is Grace, and I write for The Raw Transition.

In the past few weeks I’ve become OBSESSED with Bento Boxes! Obsessed as in annoyingly so.

I decided the “Endless Scroll” on Pinterest was great all of a sudden- I never cared for Pinterest before that. And even after a short week, I noticed a lot of the bentos I’d try to pin to my board were already pinned! The photos were getting recycled!

And in looking in Feedly, I didn’t see much in the way of decent Bento Blogs. A lot of the people are parents, and all that good stuff.

I wanted to make a sort of endless scroll for my fellow bento fans, so I will be sharing one bento box a day on the blog!

So yes, this will be a DAILY blog. Sometimes I will post photos of my own bentos, but for the most part, they will be shared images(because I do repetitive meals throughout the week).

If it gets too overwhelming, I will take a break from the sharing, but I plan to schedule out posts ahead of time to prevent burnout.

If you are new to bento, check out this awesome site called Just Bento

I won’t be sharing much in the way of learning how to get started with bentos and whatnot because I, myself am new. Again, I recommend reading some of the stuff at Just Bento, because it’s ridiculously thought out.

I will also be trying to keep my talk about me to a minimum, but I will be sharing this about my own bentos:

  1. All the bentos I make will be vegan(I’m a vegan).
  2. What goodies are in my bento!
  3. How-To videos once I get good at making them

bentobuff-logo1.jpgSorry about the text on the photo, but I figured the first bento I ever made would be a fun logo!

January 13th 2014

This bento consisted of:


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