30 Days of Bento: Day 01

I’m going to be doing a challenge where I make and eat a bento a day for 30 days in a row!

I’ve gained some tummy pudge and I think controlling my eating better by just eating what I’ve packed is really going to help! But to also pack a small enough amount in case I REALLY want to eat something bad, a little of it won’t make me go over my caloric intake. I want to be healthier, however, so I will do my best to limit that sort of behavior.

This challenge will go from today to April 15th, so you I will be postponing the usual bento shares.

If you’re looking for vegan bentos to inspire you, I will do my best to make them look fabulous! I am trying to make meals more fun for me as well. While I cannot guarantee the kind of bentos that some parents make for their kids, that look like little cartoon characters, I will try to make them look as appetizing as possible!

Now onto Day 1

Vegan Bento 01

This is Tonight’s dinner, the calories are as calculated by the Noom app for Android(or the actual wrappers).

1 serving of Gardein Holiday Roast 140 cal

2/3 a serving of the Gardein gravy ~20cal

1 cup broccoli 31 cal

3 mini pickles 15 cal

1/8th cup of rice 25 cal

Total Caloric Intake: 231

I liked the food, wasn’t the greatest, but it had a bunch of time to cool off. This whole meal would be much better warmed. Since I’m eating something very similar tomorrow(plenty of leftover ingredients), I’m glad my Monbento box is microwave safe.

One thought on “30 Days of Bento: Day 01

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