30 Days of Bento: Day 04

30 days of #bento: day 3 I'm enjoying this! #veganI’m still doin’ it! Whoot!

Today for lunch and dinner(another identical pairing):

1 cup broccoli

1/16th cup cashews

a couple grapes and blackberries on skewers

baby corn

spicy rice

1/2 tofurky roast serving

1tbsp serving of tofurky gravey

Can I emphasize again how much yummier this is warm? I nuked one tier for lunch for a minute and it was awesome. I didn’t nuke the other before leaving for class and when I ate it at school, I was a little sad and didn’t finish my spicy rice.

But a reasonable meal each go around, under 300 calories each! :) And these are decent sized meals too!

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