30 Days of Bento: Day 10!

30 Days of Bento Day 10


I’m officially 1/3rd of the way there! Today it’s sesame flax crackers and salsa! A weird breakfast, but since I left my smoothie jar at work, I had to think on my feet about another way to sneak my Tyrosine and seaweed supplements(almost all the women in my family have thyroid problems, mine is minor enough that the doctor said supplementing is an option) into my food.


I had 2 servings of both the rice and crackers, but despite that, my weird behind breakfast(packed last night) was only 220 Calories!


Side note, if you can’t stand fish and/or don’t/won’t eat them, flax seeds are an awesome supplement. Just make sure you eat them regularly.

I find it amusing how many people freak out about vegans not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in their diets when the person freaking out eats fish, which also has these acids, once a month where I enjoy flax nearly daily. Replace those potato chips with crackers that at least have flax seeds in them and you’ll be doing SOOOOO much better than most people!

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