30 Days of Bento day 16


So Friday morning my skin was clear-ish. Friday night I ate a TON of junk food, it’s pretty embarrassing how much. Saturday night I washed my face and my skin was broken out so terribly, much worse than usual. I decided Saturday night, junk food was getting the heck out of my house!
Sunday morning I stuffed ALL the chips and junk snacks in a bag and got rid of it. IT’S GONE. And I’m not buying any more.
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and picked up a ton of healthier foods and that’s how this bento came to be! :)
I think it’s a rather cute bento, and it’s today’s lunch!

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Bento day 16

    • Thanks! Yeah I’m thinking of doing some modeling on the side, so I need ti clean my skin. And if it does that to our SKIN, what is it doing to our insides when we eat that garbage!

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