30 Days of Vegan Bento Challenge: Day 17 Blueberry/Cherry Pie!

gross pie bento

The Fear! The Horror! The Terror!

So for breakfast I usually have a shake of some kind, usually peanut butter and banana. I decided to go with all fruit this time around and the Blueberry, Black Cherry, and Banana shake was DELIGHTFUL!

So I figured, I still  had some pretty healthy homemade pie crust in the freezer, I’d make a little pie for breakfast in one half of my bento. The crust is just like brown rice flour, margarine and sugar. My mom showed me the recipe when we were making mini-fruit pies and it was awesome a month or so ago!

I WILL NOT DO THIS PIE THING AGAIN! Frozen fruit needs to be blended or cooked, not just thawed. And the crust needs to be cooked with the fruit too, you can distinctly taste the margarine with how I prepared it. It was a feat to eat it all.

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