30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 18 + Bonus Bento!

30 Days of Bento, Day 18


Today’s bento meals are identical!

Inside them each are

1 tbsp Hummus

1 tbsp cachews

1.5 oz carrots

1 cup broccoli

1/4 cup mashed potatoes

.5 serving of gardein beefless tips


I haven’t tallied up the calories yet, I’ll do that at lunch time, but I’m excited!


Yesterday, my friend Sam(from over at that’s awesam) said most of my Bento look similar. That’s sort of the point. Appetizing meals that are quick and healthy. The quick part is because of my recent obsession with broccoli. I just LOVE the stuff, and it adds a big pop of color. Plus I have limited space(don’t we all?) and since I keep almost all my food in my room(except for some frozen stuff), I have limited options of what to buy to keep in my bento. Couple that with a student budget(I buy all my own food), and that further limits my options. Add the desire for healthy options as well, more limiting.

So yep, I’m enjoying broccoli for now! I bought 3 small bags of the frozen stuff and spring is coming, so expect more fun bento!


Anyway, bonus bento! My friend Sam came over and I made this last night for dinner!

Bonus Bento

Gardein slider

1/4 cup mashed taters

1tbsp hummus

.75 serving carrot sticks

1.5 tbsp cashews

.75 cup broccoli

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