Food Prepping and Cleaning!

And here you all probably thought I forgot about you!

Funnily enough, pretty much every day since the challenge, I’ve still had a bento in some form! Anyway, today I cleaned up my room a bit, yanking everything out of my closet and shoving my microwave in there.

One of my best friends gave me a fry-daddy-esque thing for my birthday. I haven’t been using it as much as I’d like, and after accidentally unplugging my mini-fridge thinking I pulled the microwave plug(trying to save electricity) and my not-cheap Daiya cheeze went moldy, I decided it was time for a swap back to it.

As you may know, I live with my parents, but since I make/buy all my own food, and pay all my own bills, I’m pretty much stuck in my room or out of the house. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I’m always imposing when I’m in any other parts of the house. So I pretend I live in a dorm room situation.

I’d post a picture of my little food-station in my room, but it’s still messier than I’d like. I need to eat through some of the food I have in excess first! But instead you get a picture of my making my lunches and tomorrow’s dinner.

Making My Bento

Yay! So it has a basket thing that I put the broccoli, tofu(flavored with Sriracha), yellow pepper, broccoli, and Gardein in and steamed over top the water in the bottom. I also raised the basket a little higher and put extra water in to use up some brown rice.
I still have some Sol branded vegan veggie breakfast sausage patties which are rather good and when kept in the fridge become malleable. Using that and my tiny lion and bunny molds, I made the sausages into little animal faces that were just too cute! Those will be in tomorrow’s bento, but today’s was petty awesome as well.

Lunch 4/20/14

I used the family’s toaster oven and sliced up the rest of the tiny potatoes and made mini versions of a dish I found awesome before. It’s potatoes sliced nearly all the way through baked with garlic and olive oil. Oishii!!!

I also had some brown rice which I topped off with some of that vegan Mexican Cheese and that was actually much yummier than I thought it’d turn out!

Also added in was a tiny dallop of vegan yogurt for dessert.

For dinner today, I made spaghetti, and I used the extra water after that was hot to make some instant mashed potatoes. I actually froze a good portion of all that for later use in bento boxes, and yes, I used my little animal shaped molds!

I’m sort-of proud of myself. Just last week I rather heavily relied on the microwave and here I am, making tasty meals not relying on such things!

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