The Week of Microwave Free; Pizza Bagels!

Do you remember how I write last week that I was going to go without a microwave for a while because I was eating too many processed goodies?
I put my microwave back up over the weekend.

The food I ate last week was okay-ish. Friday’s bento was horrible, so bad I had to go out for lunch, I couldn’t eat it! And the reason I wasn’t doing anything interesting for bento is because this wonderful thing called a 3D printer decided to arrive, and I have been up WAY too late almost every night; my hastily made bento meals each day reflected that.
Now the school semester is over, one could say I am FREE!!! (For a couple months, anyway)

I also had to set a time on when I have to STOP with playing with the darned 3D printer. It’s super time consuming, and super fun, plus I’m trying to make a few side dollars with it, so I need to master programs such as Blender as well. But I should under no circumstances neglect my sleep or eating with this side-hustle.
11PM is the absolute last cutoff point. If something is currently running, I will let it continue, but when it’s done, it gets shut off. If I am setting something up but it’s not running, off it goes!
That said, tonight and last night I packed my bento when I got home instead of right before bed, knowing my inclinations to break this rule. Tonight I intend to abide the rule of 11pm no matter what.
But the beauty of the rule is this:


I packed a bit of a meal for today! I used my lion sandwich cutter to cut some whole wheat bagels up(they were big fluffy ones but I rolling pinned them flatter). I still have a TON of spaghetti sauce and cheeze, so pizza bagels! I also put a date and a couple pieces of rice botan candy to fill up the rest of that space.
In the bottom is a serving of rice with tomatoes, spinach and some Gardein Beefless tips.
It’s not fancy but it’s relatively healthy and much better than most days! Plus it’s significantly cheaper than driving to Panera and I get more time to eat!

Also, tomorrow I start the Noom 30 Day challenge! I will have to fulfill all the Noom goals for 30 days straight including logging 3 meals daily. The Noom app challenged me, and I’m going to do it in style!
Bento Style that is!

So much like the 30 Day Bento Challenge, you’ll be getting a screenshot of my logged lunches and what items are in them, plus the calorie count.

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