3 New Bento

So the new to me bento boxes came in the mail today! I promptly washed them out and dried em out too. The two smaller ones (460ML I measured) didn’t have even a name brand or anything on them at all.

Bento Present

Bento and Bento Assesories

My friend Carol really seemed to like the idea of having a bento box in a previous conversation, so I picked out a few bento goodies and stuffed a tiny one full. I hope she likes it!

2 Lube Sheep boxes

2 Lube Sheep boxes

Then I packed up my Lunch for tomorrow and the day after, since I now can do that with no space problems in my minifridge!

Mixed veggies in rice all in tofu bags, then gardein teriyaki chik’n and a bit of a summery stir-fry.


DSC00216Then I made my dinner! A bagel with more of that vegan cheeze with Tofurky “turkey” slices, mashed potatoes, and prunes.

This was a yummy dinner!

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