30 Days of Vegan Bento Season 2 Day 14


Today’s lunch was the same as yesterday’s. I was at my boyfriend’s house, so I ate this when we were watching Sailor Moon(his recommendation, haha).

In case you missed yesterday’s bento, this one has the last bit of Gardein beefless tips, a couple strips of Gardein chick’n strips, scrambled tofu, sweet brown rice, sauteed onions, black olives, and green beans.

Tomorrow is my budget rollover, so yay! I get my allowance of $35 from myself to buy food and have fun! And I even have a little bit left over! Not bad for having taken a trip with my mom to Whole Foods in Annapolis this past Sunday!

If you’re having trouble sticking to a budget, this may help.

I used to go pretty crazy on eating out and buying stuff when out with friends, so now, every Sunday, I give myself a cash “allowance”. I trust myself to only use my credit card for gasoline and my debit card for emergencies or things like car insurance, so it’s not like all I have in my wallet is just that $35. I felt like I needed to send myself back to high school a bit, where money is so much tighter and you save every penny you get for what you want. I never really got an allowance (I was constantly getting grounded despite actually trying to do my chores right, after a point I decided I would never get them right, I’d still get yelled at and my allowance taken away, so what was the point of trying? I like being an adult and working to earn money, people don’t yell at you for messing up, they tend to use inside voices) so I knew how tough money was to obtain back then. Now I have to save my weekly self-allowance if I want to do fun stuff, and boy, it’s a challenge, but I’m kind-of enjoying it so far.
I might post tomorrow a photo of the things I buy with $20-$25 to get me through the week while still having about $10 leftover for fun stuff. Hmmmm, could be fun!

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