30 Days of Vegan Bento Season 2 Day 17


Today’s lunch was slightly lazy and very, um, interesting, shall we say.

So last night I made a bunch of the ketchup onigiri from the mini recipe I saw on Lunch In A Box. The only difference was that I used my sweet brown rice because when I made that Food Lion run Sunday, they only had long grain white rice! That’s no good for onigiri! And the little Japanese store in town only had larger bags of sushi rice.

Anyway, they were SOOOOOO yummy! I had a hard time stopping myself from eating them straight out of the pan! Then I packed a few for my bento today!

I opened my box at lunch time and boy was I hungry! I hadn’t eaten anything all day(save for that Starbucks drink I got for myself that morning) and I had worked out just earlier too! But the taste of the less than 24 hour old ketchup onigiri was less than amicable. I was able to finish it, but I will have to try it with white rice next time.

Anyway, the other goodies. Vegan cream cheeze with cucumbers, and tofurky rolled up and filled with that vegan mayo. It reminds me of Nayonaise, but a bit more like I remember animal based mayonnaise. I wonder if I could make a vegan egg salad with this! :O I’d imagine mixing up some silken tofu with the tofu scramble mix, mashing up extra firm tofu and mixing those together with mustard and the “Just Mayo” vegan mayo could work. Hmmmm.

Regardless, I’d recommend you try it; it’s in Dollar Trees nationwide right now, so it’s only a dollar to try a small jar of it. If you don’t like it, it probably won’t be the end of the world. You can give it away or mix it into your dog’s food somehow, or better yet, compost it.

New goal! When it’s time to replace my sack of rice, I’m opting for white sushi rice to give that a try. I just wishbthat they had smaller bags as opposed to massive. If worse comes to worse and I find it awful compared to my brown sweet rice, I’ll season it to death until I use up the bag.

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