30 Days of Vegan Bento Season 2 Day 22

photo(3)Dare I say that this is the best bento I’ve ever made?

I bought sushi rice today when I did my grocery shopping(Wal-mart this time), so I tried out that rice! It was super duper yummy, but I didn’t have any sesame seeds to top it with, so I used black pepper to get that contrast. Then in the other tier are bits of cantaloupe, fresh raw green beans, a small tomato sliced up, a Gardein meatless meatball, and some scrambled tofu that’s more like an omelet!
The tofu omlette was made with my usual scrambled tofu mix, but I used soft tofu(Walmart was out of silken) and blended it really good with the mix. I also added some more water so it would spread out in the pan and not be such a paste(the water evaporates when cooking). It was super yummy too! I am also pretty stunned with how nice this bento turned out in terms of appearance! I’m digging it!

That said, in a few short hours, I’ll be launching my Beginner Bento Class on Youtube! There will be a new post here when the video goes live!


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