Week 1 Staying Classy- Introduction and Covering the Syllabus

Every week a new post will go live with an embedded version of the current week’s video.
Every week there will be a call to action at the end. If you are following along with the week’s homework, you will comment at the bottom of each week’s post.
If you come to the class later than the start date, feel free to go at your own pace. My goal is to have this be a really detailed beginner class that you can go through in an afternoon or two.
Class materials:
Computer or mobile phone with internet connection
Digital camera of some capacity(webcam, mobile phone camera, regular digital camera)
Measuring cup
A Minimum of $40 for your box and all your accessories if you don’t have anything bento related yet.

Week 4 is the week you will purchase your bento box if you don’t already own one. I am recommending waiting on your purchase because even if you know what box you want, what about the silicone cups and such that fit inside? Some boxes can’t handle taller cups, so it’s important to keep in mind. It also helps to prevent impulse buying, which I have been a victim of, and I want to help others from falling into that as well.

Practice safety when packing your bento! If you are unsure of how to safely pack a more Japanese style obento, pack foods you know are safe, but sized for your bento box.

Food is a touchy subject for many people. Criticizing of anyone’s eating habits is forbidden, including passive aggressiveness. I won’t be rude to you for eating animals or their excrement, I expect you to not be rude to me for only eating plants. If I see you talking to anybody in a mean manner/bullying another “student”, you will be banned from my site’s comments… PERMANENTLY. I’m not a public school in Maryland, I’m a blogger and I have zero tolerance for bullying. If there is someone on the site breaking this rule, don’t break the rule yourself and be mean back, immediately contact me and I will remove them.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Staying Classy- Introduction and Covering the Syllabus

    • Thanks! I’m going to be citing a lot of cool sources too, because I’ve learned a lot from other bento blogs. I’m just sad that there’s not a lot of bento lesson themed blogs on YouTube. I think it’s a needed niche.

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