30 Days of Vegan Bento Season 2 Day 25

I forgot to pack a dinner half to my bento, so I’ll probably pick up some Tom’s hot fries on my way to my college, but onto today’s bento!

So I’ve been feeling peckish over the last few days, not finishing my bento meals, despite the fact that the summer heat isn’t terrible right now.
Today I had a much smaller portion of rice than usual, it’s basically an onigiri, plus I had a couple meatless meatballs and cantaloupe balls(I used a metal teaspoon measuring spoon to make those by the way, you don’t need a melon baller). I just finished eating and I’m comfortably full, but not overstuffed like I have been getting. That said when I leave work I’ll probably be starving! I forgot to pack a peach for an afternoon snack!

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