Spontaneous, yet Measured and Thought Out

Lunch 10/26/14

Lunch 10/26/14

Today’s lunch bento was a last minute decision. Apparently the Plato’s Plate part of my college’s food offerings doesn’t have a vegan breakfast(according to the website, it sounds like it’s ALL lunches/dinners) and I wasn’t quite sure when I’d be eating during my study session.

Anyway, so I threw together this lunch!

I have mashed potaoes with lazy gravy, okra, carrots, broccoli, and Gardein beefless tips.

I had to trek all the way to Giant to buy these! But it’s worth it!

You may be wondering, how one make lazy gravy. Thankfully, it won’tt add any calories to any meals you eat, either!

I simply nuked the beefless tips until they got good and hot and released some “juices”. It’s like a beefless gravy; I just pour the “juice” all over my mashed potatoes. Voila!

Anyway, I pulled out my scale and measured everything, here’s the calorie count according to Noom:

Noom lunch 10/26/14

calorie count

I think it’s pretty interesting how all that came in at under 300 calories, but unlike my usual lunches, I didn’t follow traditional bento making portions. Whoops!

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