New Age, New Bento Box!


Saturday I stopped by my house to pick up some magic cards to deck build with my boyfriend and there was a box waiting for me.

It didn’t say who it was, and I even joked with Jon about the possibility of it being a bomb since it said time sensitive material on it(to which Jon noted “Then it would REALLY be time sensitive!”).


Anyway, I opened it up and it was a bento box as a present from one of my besties, Jessica! :D



cutest design on the Monbento site appealing to my nerd and vegan tastes.


She got me the bag too! >w<

The bag that came with it is incredibly nice, the touch that really got me excited is the fact that the way the ends are sewn, the bag sits nicely around the rectangle shape- there’s no pointy ends from an over sized bag or anything. It was MADE for Monbento boxes.

I LOVE the color scheme! Everything is so bright! I’ll have to be really careful about microwaving and tomato products in this, however, especially since I’ve read on Amazon that the lighter colors are more prone to staining(naturally).


the plastic covering the pattern was a nice touch too. Can’t have that rubbing off!

IMG_0869And so I present my lunch and dinner for today!

Rolled sandwiches on whole wheat bread with the vegan “Just Mayo”. On the mayonnaise I sprinkled Nutritional Yeast to reduce moisture in the box as well as giving it a pop of yellow. There’s also a slice of Tofurky rolled up in each sandwich half. In the center is a sprig of green onion.

Then I have a few pieces of Gardein- Beefless Beef tips, Tofurky seitan, quick and dirty apple pie, okra, broccoli and baby carrot slices.


Good eatin’ today!


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