hunterXhunter Bento

My boyfriend and I have been on a hunterXhunter kick as of late.
I’d have to say my favorite character is Hisoka, so I attempted to make a bento based off of him.


Now, mind you, I used things I already had and kinda just scrounged up from my fridge and freezer, but per usual, it’s all vegan. It didn’t look as Hisoka-like as I’d have liked but I could only do so much with limited time, limited resources, and limited kyaraben making skills.

It didn’t take long to make this, however, at least not much longer than making my usual bento.

I actually cut a bunch of Tofurky slices into hearts from something else I made, so I used one of those for atop the broccoli and cut another one down smaller for the diamond and the heart.

His hair is a lot more red/orange in the box, but I used the Tofurky Soy Chorizo. Back when I ate animals, most meat based sausages, and even today with vegan sausages, I get upset tummies, so I’m really hoping the tofurky brand doesn’t have whatever causes that. I’m pretty sure it’s some spice, that or the grease. It would have been nice to have some red pepper on hand, I wonder what else I could use aside from dyes to make red hair.

Anyway, broccoli is the vegetable because I wanted to finish off the bag, and I used seitan for the hearts and diamonds in the left hand tier. Hisoka’s outline is made from Nori, and because I only have that one punch, I now see some of the limitations of it.

I also threw a spring roll in each one for good measure. The two bento aren’t exactly protein heavy, but they have enough for one day, I’ll just throw some extra peanut butter into my shake for breakfast tomorrow.


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