No Bento Today; Big Changes

I didn’t pack a bento box today(I packed soup) but I did think about the future of The Bento Buff and everything it means.

The Bento Buff stands for cruelty free meals.
The Bento Buff encourages healthy eating for busy, on the move students and professionals.
The Bento Buff loves creativity.
The Bento Buff wants interaction with other bentoists.

So how will I move the blog into the future with these things in mind?

I plan to continue to make vegan meals, as usual, to encourage cruelty free meals to be more commonplace in people’s diet. I wouldn’t mind getting sponsors from companies that don’t exploit animals, as well.
I also intend to do more 30 Days of Bento Challenges. I believe that making a bento to eat every day, even on days that it is incredibly inconvenient, is a great way to show that packing quick, relatively healthy meals(that happen to be animal free) isn’t that big of a time commitment. The next 30 Days Challenge starts on January 1st 2015!
To encourage creativity, I intend to make more kyaraben(character bento) styled lunches. While I won’t be making kyaraben every day, maybe not even during the 30 Day Challenges, I will be attempting a kyaraben, hopefully once a week. During my busiest times I intend to not go more than two weeks without attempting a kyaraben of some kind.
And to foster interaction I plan to be more active on twitter(@thebentobuff) and share more of other peoples’ work. I’d also like to get guest bentoists on every once in a while for a post. Of course, I plan to tag my posts better and to work harder at inciting conversation in the comments.

If you have any ideas of how I can grow the site, please comment below!

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