30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 8; Speed Run Bento


Today’s bento was an exercise in speed. I actually timed myself!


I took leftover couscous, the opened can of green beans and some Gardein Beefless Strips and threw it into the bento box. Because I tended to some dishes beforehand to make sure everything was clean, AND I also washed the Sistema container I had my leftovers stored in from yesterday, I racked up a whopping five minutes for this bento. It’s really boring, but it was quick. When I make my bento for tomorrow, however, it’ll be quite a surprise, so anime fans, get hype! I’m about to make a bento for something coming back on the air!

I just hope that I can deliver!

What do you think tomorrow’s hype meal is going to feature in terms of theme?

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