30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 9; Silver Chariot- A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Themed Bento


I was inspired to make this bento well over a week ago when I was in the crafts store with our guest blogger(her week one post is going live tomorrow!). I saw a shiny silver edible paper, saw it was vegan, and a light bulb flicked on.

I LOVE JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s a super fun anime and today it comes back! I purposefully have avoided reading the manga to keep from spoiling myself.


Today’s bento features Silver Chariot, Polnareff’s “stand”. He was drawn on Wilton’s Edible Paper using those Wilton’s food color markers. The character is placed atop a bed of rice and accompanying that is Gardein Beefless strips and green beans!

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