Guest Post: First Week!

Beleive is a guest poster also participating in the 30 Days of Vegam Bemto Challenge. Here’s her week one!

Everything has been going well so far, except for a few things. First of all, I have no idea if I am posting this post correctly. Secondly, The Bento Buff gave me a particular format for this post, and I lost that file so I have no idea if I am formatting this post correctly. Finally, I had a tough day at work and ate vegan cinnamon buns while crying and watching junk TV. Hey, just bein’ real.

“The Dog Ate My Bento”

The first bento cannot be pictured because I took it with my camera that is now waiting at my new house. I’m in the middle of a move, and the new house is about a 2 hour drive so I am not going to get it. It was rice, broccoli, and a tiny spice cake molded into the shape of a heart.

Editor’s note: when we can get the photos, we will update this post! Not much can help these technical difficulties until we’re together at a computer!

“Jam On, Butterfly, Jam On”

The second bento was a white chocolate peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwich on wheat bread cut into the shape of a butterfly. For the sides, I included a pickle spear and some chopped apples with lemon juice.

“Princess Peachy”

My third bento included some oatmeal with almond milk and chopped peaches with cinnamon sugar.

“Double Dash”

This bento was extremely rushed as today was a busy day. I packed some peas as well as some wheat pasta with organic mushroom and garlic tomato sauce. The green garnish in the picture is parsley. This bento in particular is really special because BB (Bento Buff) and another friend got it for me on my birthday!

“Pass the Peas, Peas”

Pictured before you is the monstrosity that is bento #5. It is basically the same thing as day #4 but sloppier and with lots of peas. Peas excuse me.

“Pride Rock Chk’n Parm”

Everything the light touches…is delicious.

Bento #5 is wheat pasta with organic mushroom and garlic tomato sauce. On top, I included some Gardein Chk’n, oregano and parsley.

“PB Hot Springs”

The last bento for this week is a ToGo peanut butter packet surrounded by some chopped apples with lemon juice. The peanut butter waterfall was made with a Systema squeeze tube. I sprinkled some pink and blue sugar and added a cute panda because why not I mean look at it. It’s adorable.

To update this challenge, I will say that making bentos everyday is fun. It’s annoying to have to do it, but once you start it’s fun to do. I have also lost two more pounds from last week, which is good considering the cinnamon buns I ate earlier. Those things were huge and I feel gross.

I will end my post with a heart-felt rap about a banana I carried around with me for a snack earlier this week.

Hey yo I got a ba-nana.

Gonna pack it in my purse now it’s  a purse-nana!

Ate half and left it in my car-nana.

Day later now it’s a super gross-nana.

Man gotta throw this nana in the TRASH!

Ain’t no trash can gonna throw it on the GRASS!

I hate to waste it but I don’t know what to do .

If I leave it my car will stink like a zoo!

Now let me tell you I won’t stand for that.

Ain’t no gross-nana slime getting on my car mat!

I threw it on the ground somewhere nice and safe.

Didn’t want environmentalists givin’ me hate.