30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 14; The Last of Them!#


Today’s bento is using up several things I had in my mini-fridge and freezer.


Today’s bento has the rest of the peas, the rest of the gravy and the rest of the Gardein Beefless Strips. They taste just like the beefless tips, but as one friend put it, the beefless tips look a bit like rabbit poo in the pictures(making them hilarious for rabbit themed bento boxes, but not very appetizing to look at apparently). I have a few beefless tips I’ll work through for part of my dinners, and after those are gone I’ll pick up more of the strips. I also made a fresh small batch of the instant mashed potatoes.

My trick for making them? I just use a hunk of Earth Balance and Pink Himalayan Salt. I don’t measure anything and it usually comes out spot on. I always forget to use my soy milk; it’s really not super necessary.

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