30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 15; Halfway There!


Today’s bento is another one for a busy evening. I did my first weekly review in implementing GTD and I stayed up pretty late talking to a friend about minimalism, job hunting(for him) and the like.

I had a hard time finding a decent job when I was laid off back in 2011. I’ve been fully employed since November of that year but in those 9 months I learned a lot. If you or anyone you know of is dealing with job loss right now, this could help. It’s an Evernote notebook that I made with all sorts of useful tips and advice I’ve found useful including how a formal letter is laid out. I still update it occasionally, whenever I think of something.


Today’s bento has carrot slices, plain mashed potatoes and Gardein’s Beefless Tips. I finished off a bag here! I know the tips don’t look very appetizing, but I was a bit distracted when I made this bento. I even too the photo on my phone in the kitchen as opposed to my new setup.

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