30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 22; BEAR!!!


Today’s bento was caused by my moving this basically empty shelf on my wall that was above my desk to a lower, more reachable place, to basically put all my bento gear on display in my room. When I was organizing the sauce cups I remembered how for Christmas I received a couple of bunny and panda sauce cups. I also have panda picks and when I realized one of my bento boxes featured a bear… I got too excited for my own good.

I started thinking about the Magic: The Gathering bears, and had to resist making the bento magic themed again(so soon). I decided to go cuter.


This bento featured some of that vegan gravy(the golden gravy kind), which I got to cook properly(And it was quite yummy. Yay!) atop of vegan mashed potatoes. In the upper tier are Gardein Mandarin Crispy Chick’n(used sauce-less, like nuggets, per my usual) with baby carrot slices, Daiya shredded cheddar vegan cheese, bear shaped cucumber bites. In the sauce cup are raisins.

Do you like cute bentos, plain bentos, or scary bentos?

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