Monbento is Having Some Crazy Sales!

For any of you who have followed my bento journey, you may know that I adore Monbento boxes! I have two and they see the most use out of all of my bento boxes.

I’m sure I’ve written another post talking about these boxes, but I love how much food you can cram into a single layer, the fact that they’re microwave safe and of course, the fact that they’re dish washer safe. At my house we don’t have a machine to wash our dishes, we have to do it ourselves, but my boyfriend’s mom does, and while I’ve never had the problem of her machine washing any of my bento boxes(because I’m not a slob and I clean up after myself- or at least I do my best).

Anyway, the link to check out these sweet sweet deals is here:

The site doesn’t say how long the sale is going on for, but if you catch it while it’s going and you want to load up on bento gear, might I make a few recommendations?

The lighter colors stain easy. I would avoid white, or if you’re confident in your ability to keep all your staining foods in silicone cups, get a box with varying lid colors.


My birthday set. I love this pairing!

The pixel food art bento and matching bag that Jessica bought me for my birthday is on sale for half off; I use mine all the time. I am very cautious, however, and avoid staining foods in it, the worst I’ll do is carrots in a silicone cup(orange lid). The harsher foods go in my black Monbento, which the one tier variant is on sale for 40% off.

If you want to buy a whole set in one go as a gift for yourself or someone else, they have the “Pokemon” set on sale! The box is red and white like a Pokeball.

The solid orange box and most of the cutlery sets are also on sale at 50% off. I know of a certain pen addict that would love that box!

If you’re thinking of buying a Monbento but are concerned with what size to buy, I would recommend buying a two tiered regular sized bento. both tiers will satiate a voracious eater’s belly. Worst case scenario you end up with an extra tier because you only eat about half the bento’s fill. It’ll be handy on nights you’re too lazy to do a bunch of dishes as well as long days where you’ll be eating multiple meals away from home.

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