30 Days of Vegan Bento Day 30; Success!


Day 30! I made it!

I contemplated making a bento based around the number 30, but I decided on this as I was going along.


Today’s bento took nearly 50 minutes, but most of the time spent on the bento was cooking the rice and making the onigiri for the bento(and some extras). Yesterday’s bento stained the Monbento silicone cup a little, so I am using a black lid on this bento so I don’t accidentally stain my orange lid with the Sriracha. Also in this bento is broccoli, pineapple, Gardein Beefless Tips, and a single Gardein Chick’n Strip(that’s the thing covered in Sriracha). The faces on the onigiri are made using nori.

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