The Garden of Gardein

The Garden of Gardein

Today’s bento isn’t made with my favorite Gardein product, much to my sadness.

If you remember way back in the early days of this blog, I used the Gardein Vegan Stuffed Turk’y for bentos.

This time I prepared it in much the same way that my boyfriend’s mom prepares my Tofurky one Thanksgiving- slathering it in Earth Balance and then baking it.

Much to my sadness, it did not have the same effect(I made both in the package and had one Sunday night). The gravy that came with it was quite delicious, perhaps one of my favorite gravies ever(can I buy those separately?) but the turk’y was the most dull bland thing I’ve eaten in a long time… just like the last time I prepared it. I’m not even going to link it, that’s how disappointing I am with the product- a shame, I adore just about every one of their other products!

Anyway, today I’ve packed sweet snow peas, white rice, the Gardein turk’y, cliced cucumber, and mini sandwiches containing my favorite White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter, accompanied by yummy fig preserves!

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