Guest Blogger: Update!

No bento for today, but my friend has given me her most recent post as an update! I hope it helps anyone out there struggling to eat cleaner foods.

Hi everyone!

I am sad to say that doing the 30 day challenge for the month of January was a bust. I was not expecting to move during that time and it threw me off completely! That entire month I was staying with friends and making a two hour commute to work so I can’t say that making bentos seemed like a priority. However, it is a great challenge and I plan to try again when things start to get normal again.

The Bento Buff is more than just a really great blogger. She is a great friend and a very wise and encouraging person. When I told her about my inability to continue, she told me that even though I was giving up for now I hadn’t failed. Failure is having 0% success, and I had created two weeks of healthy bento meals that I otherwise wouldn’t have created. With this in mind, I continued to eat healthy. Even though I messed up sometimes, I was able to lose a little more weight. I can now attend the upcoming convention without worrying about my ankles swelling! I am going to keep working at it, so expect another post in the future! :)

Oh! Also, if you are trying to lose weight, I recommend drinking lots of tea. It helps reduce the water weight as opposed to soda which is loaded with sodium and holds all that water in you!



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