Wacky Food Combo Bento

IMG_0410It was my intention to try to use the tofu to make a bunny using an ice cream scoop but the tofu looked like the world’s grossest ice cream so I ended up making tofu scramble.I included a pickle, more snow peas, and mashed potatoes.

I cracked open a can of peas as well, I have so many peas that it’s fairly unusual, methinks, so I’m going to try to work through them as much as I can.

I’m working on another “no-spend” week which will end tomorrow evening, but I don’t think I’ll be topping off my groceries a whole lot very soon. I might go pick up a couple of things, although I’m not sure what as of yet. I have a paper due on March that I’ve barely touched(the teacher is going to give me a bit of feedback after class one day this week) so I’ll have to go to the grocery store after that.

I want to make more kyaraben bento meals! I’ve been watching a bunch of Tokyo Ghoul after seeing so many cosplays at Katsucon(I do feel silly for not buying any bento wares there) and it’d be pretty neat to do a kyaraben featuring Tokyo Ghoul somehow, but I’m not sure what character I’d make it of. Probably Hide because his character looks super cool, but then there’s a few others that it’d be pretty neat to make a bento of as well.

What Tokyo Ghoul character should I make a bento of? Comment below!

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