A Ghoulish Bento


Earlier this week I asked you all which Tokyo Ghoul character I should make a bento featuring, and someone replied! I want to thank Wazzup Wasabi for suggesting I just go for making a bento featuring the main character, Ken Kaneki! This style of the main character is totally spoilers, but if you’re not watching it, that’s your own fault. You can watch it for free on Funimation, so do it. Now.

Now that you’ve done that(welcome back), it’s time for me to tell you what’s in the bento!

And oh boy, I really wish I had Gardein’s beefless tips on hand, or at the very least a chocolate bar with espresso beans. Since in the anime ghouls can only eat humans(or drink coffee, so basically, they’re over caffeinated, Starbucks obsessed eaters of humankind) it does leave one to ponder how the heck a vegan is going to make a bento themed around this.

Since I didn’t have the really cool foods on hand, I settled for Gardein’s Meatless Meatballs, and strawberries(they are red like blood so it works… right?) and snow peas. I’m still not done with the bag of those things, but they’ve not gone bad yet so I’ll keep eating them.

Moving onto Kaneki, his hair is made out of mashed potatoes, along with the background(my carb of the meal). The mask and his hair details are done with cut nori, the red is a slice of strawberries. As for the teeth on the mask, I tried to cut up some of that silver candy paper, thinking that would be the easiest way to go, but I think it went stale, it was incredibly brittle, so instead I crushed up a couple of edible decor pearls and laid the most teeth-like of the fragments on the strawberry. I knew I wanted a different color to contrast between his hair and skin, so I took the batter coating off a piece of Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n, and put that under. I took some extra mashed potatoes and coated over it in the pattern of his hair until it laid just right.

That’s all there really is to this bento. A good pair of scissors and lots of patience!

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