A Striped Themed Bento


Today’s bento was made in an effort to be really healthy. Yesterday I straight-up ate two whole cans of Sriracha Pringles BY MYSELF. Today’s bento is a reflection of that bad behavior as you can see my drastic cutting of the carbohydrate portion of my meal. In today’s obento, I packed Gardein’s Beefless Strips, an apple bunny, two baby dill pickles, sliced cucumber and about a quarter of a cup of mashed potatoes.

This bento took about 20 minutes to assemble because I was taking my sweet time, munching on apple slices and watching Youtube videos. If I had actually focused on making the bento, I’m sure, it would have taken me maybe five minutes.

This bento is only a whopping 276 calories, making it much lighter than most of my bento meals, but again, I’m going light on the potatoes today.

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