Another Leftover Bento


This bento took about 20 minutes to make(with watching anime and accounting for veggie cutting time).

In it is cucumber slices, carrot slices, Gardein’s Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n, Gardein’s Beefless Strips(cut into little bear faces), green beans, apple bunnies and mashed potatoes.

Inside the panda cup is the chick’n sauce.

Pro tip: Whenever you have potatoes put some Old Bay on that stuff! Not a lot of places outside of Maryland seem to carry it, but if you know of a place, it’s certainly something I recommend! I adore it on my french fries and it’s good in mashed potatoes too(it’s on the potatoes in this bento).

I’m so excited to eat this bento, it’s so cute!

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