Hail Seitan!

IMG_0520I’m talking about an interesting food today. As you may remember from much much older posts, one of my favorite dishes from a local restaurant is “Braised Gluten with Pepper”. When I went there with my grandma a while ago she tried some and I’m assuming that she is trying to recreate it now.

Sunday she hooked me up with some extra seitan(which is wheat gluten) that she had made. Despite her telling me that it was in my mini fridge, when I got home there was this mason jar filled with very unappetizing looking things in there, and it took me a moment to realize that the jar probably wasn’t full of livers or something else gross, but rather the seitan!

Last night I decided to cook it up, and having never cooked seitan before I did like I always do when trying a new vegan meat; at first I just used a little olive oil and cooked it until both sides looked a little caramelized. That didn’t add a lot of flavor. Seitan not having much flavor of its own surprised me! I hate to say it, but I think it was blander than tofu straight from the package. I added the leftover packet of Gardein gravy to the pan making the seitan turn out much better, then I ground up some pepper to sprinkle on it. I think next time I might prepare it using a gravy by letting it marinate overnight in it and then cooking it up for more flavor.

In the rest of this lunch are mashed potatoes(topped with a little extra gravy), green beans, carrot slices and cucumbers. I’m trying to use up some vegetables before they go bad. I’d say I’m finishing off this carrot in the nick of time!

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