Guest Post: David Eller: Creamy & crunchy Bento

David Eller is a fellow gamer from the Salisbury Maryland area, someone whom I oftentimes chat with when I’m in the comic book shop. He’s a fellow minimalist and occasionally veg-curious. The best way to follow and keep up with his is on twitter at 


This is a bento composed of some of the things I keep around the house. To start, I am a big fan of dark chocolate, and something that I often take with me for a snack is dark chocolate covered almonds. To compliment that, I chose strawberries, as chocolate and strawberries are often associated, and in this case, they’re both very snackable. As for the main course, I decided to take something and give it a little zing, avocado on toast. The zing is the sliced jalapenos, creating a creamy, crunchy and spicy combination.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: David Eller: Creamy & crunchy Bento

    • Hehe, yeah, David was going on and on to me about how yummy it was. I personally dislike avocados, lol, but I never thought to put hot peppers on sandwiches before. THAT idea excites me. :)

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