For Once In My Life I Eat a Salad


It’s no secret that I hate salad. And I mean HATE them. I’ve eaten one too many haphazardly made, wilted gross salad from restaurants that couldn’t give more than an ounce of crap about customers that don’t want to eat their unhealthy garbage or douse their salad with some sort of dressing to the point that you can’t even see the salad’s content anymore so why bother calling it a salad to begin with? /rant

I digress. I went to the farmers market yesterday and checked out this table with a lady selling micro-greens. She didn’t have many left but she did have two left that I bought- one she said was something akin to a butter lettuce. It doesn’t taste like it was coated in butter but it’s better than iceberg lettuce(and romaine!) which isn’t difficult to do. Also, I’m not sure what the other thing is, it’s not dill(yum) or cilantro(blech), so I don’t know. In it I also put in Tofurky deli slices(the peppered kind, I’m trying them out), corn, carrots, cucumber, Daiya and lemon juice. On the side I have rice garnished with more of that tasty cilantro-looking-but-really-not-cilantro plant thing. I wish I wrote down the names, boo on me!
I packed another Monbento tier with a couple of oranges already peeled and separated because a salad isn’t really all that filling. Perhaps these will keep me from attempting to eat a lathe before I leave work out of hunger. Get it? Because salads don’t keep you full? Because they’re not much?

Geeze, I really have a grudge against salads. You’d think a salad would have killed my parents making me the Batman against salads or something.

Is there a food you just can’t get over and despise despite knowing you like them in certain instances(like me and hating salads because of wilted ones from restaurants despite actually liking good fresh ones)?

One thought on “For Once In My Life I Eat a Salad

  1. I think I feel that way about iceberg lettuce. I actually think it can be fantastic in a lot of applications, but I’ve had far too many horrible iceberg lettuce salads. I don’t eat many green leafy salads in genera, either. They seem kind of pointless–all bulk and no calories–but sometimes, for some reason, I start craving them. Go figure.

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