George Washington Carver Bento


So I ended up not going to a resturaunt last night, meaning I found some more time to make a bento!

Bento Blog Network’s challenge bento of the week is historical figures. I’m kinda worried because an actual winner hasn’t been posted up for last week’s challenge, despite the post going up(It just shows blanks where the names go and the winner of the week hasn’t been updated from the week before), so I hope everything is okay with the people that run the site!
Regardless, the site does have inspirational themes, so I’ll keep following along. This week’s theme was for historical bento! I decided to do a bento themed around George Washington Carver. It’s common lore that he created peanut butter, but he did discover a huge number of other applications for the the delicious peanut.

I put in some Nutter Butter cookies because they’re awesome! They’re more expensive than Nekot cookies, but they do have that peanut shape going for them than the generic brand. Also, it was my intention to mix up food coloring to make his skin tone, but when I realized that I only had food markers, I looked around my room and saw my jar of peanut butter! So that’s what most of his face is made from, with nori for detailing(my first time making a nose based on a person from the real world, not anime!) and because of the stamp that the post office released celebrating him(which I used as reference) I decided I’d try to imitate his amazing silvery hair using mashed potatoes.

Also in this bento are Gardein’s Beefless Tips, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.

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