DC Bento


I went to Washington DC on Saturday to see the cherry blossoms. with one of my best friends and my boyfriend. Sadly, there weren’t any cherry blossoms actually blooming, and since we payed for tickets with a local tour bus, it wasn’t like we could really reschedule the trip. A super bummer, but not much I can do aside from risk driving in DC(a city that I’m not very familiar with driving in) with a car that has issues about a hundred miles away from home. Yeah, I’m not going to risk that trip. :(

We ended up going to a few museums and my vegan friend(none of the others in our group are vegan) and I managed to finish this whole big bento. It was annoying to tote around, so I think in the future I will be using it for places where I can go back and put it in my car easily. I also need to make a bento band for it.


This bento had so much food! I first cut up star-fruit(carambola), then fried up some Gardein, made vegan sushi rolls, cut up a sweet red bean paste bar, a few pieces of dark chocolate with espresso beans, heart shaped kiwi, dried fruit and Graze’s summer berry flapjacks. In the two bunny cups are soy sauce for the sushi rolls.

I also think that next time I might go with a build your own sandwich sort of motif. This one took a really long time to make, how do the people in Japan, going to all these festivals, find the time to make such extravagant bento?

Anyway, this bento was delicious but it was a lot of food for two people with lighter appetites. I could have filled up two tiers of a Monbento box and our bellies would have been quite content.

6 thoughts on “DC Bento

  1. That looks amazing! And very inspiring. Just curious on how the food is at room temperature? I’m always shy to make bentos without some sort of heat or cold insulated bag..

    • Thank you! And it was quite delicious. I made it the day before and refrigerated it until right before we left. It was only out for a few hours(from 7am-ish to about 1:30pm-ish) and it was fairly chilly out that morning.

      That said, I don’t think you’d have much of a problem so long as you follow food safety- cook your foods all the way through and wash any produce.
      And the taste is always slightly different at room temperature from hot or cold, but it’s still good. If you’re really nervous about not insulating, start with foods that keep relatively well at room temperature like peanut butter and jelly, plain rice + seaweed onigiri(no fillings) and whatnot- the stuff you know won’t make you sick.
      Most of the time I make bentos that need to be microwaved because I have access to one at work, which I’m trying to cut back on. I’d rather not waste time waiting for my food to reheat- plus if I want to help give meal ideas to people whom don’t have microwave access during meals regularly, then I better expand my “wares”.

      So yeah, starting tomorrow I’ll be tagging foods that need the microwave as microwaved and the opposite as microwave-free, thanks for the idea! :D

      OMG Wall of text! @____@

      • Wow thanks for the great advice! Gonna try the onigiri a try. I’m always trying think of what to make for my husband because he does not like to use the microwave…🙈🙈

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