Week of Sandwiches: Day 1


Today’s bento consists of more Ezekiel Bread, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce with an apple slice.

I decided to go with a theme this week! Since I’m rocking a loaf of that Ezekiel bread, I should be able to finish out the week with it, making for a very sandwiched week leading up to my submitting to the contest.

Today’s bento feels a little boring, since it’s mostly a repeat of what I did last week, only in a Monbento with lots more lettuce and less non-sandwich things. I bought some stuff to play around with fillings a bit later in the week, but yesterday was incredibly busy as will tonight. I will be out of the Lightlife Vegan Bacon once I prepare tomorrow’s bento, so I will have to knock that one out of the park for a FLT(facon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich or kick some major butt with the remaining three days.

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