The Week of Sandwiches: Vegg Salad Sandwich Bento


I don’t follow recipes very often, usually I’m a bit of a pantser* when it comes to preparing food, but this time I decided I wanted to make vegan egg salad. So I enlisted the help of a block of tofu and this recipe. I sampled some of the eggless salad and it was really yummy! I might have to keep all the ingredients on hand for the warm months to bring to cookouts and such that I get invited to! I decided to be lazy and not move my lamp so I took the photo by my 3D printer and out of the 10 photos I took, this was the best one, but you can see a wee bit of the printer in the corner. I can’t wait until I sell this thing and that table is basically exclusively for taking photos of things(mostly bento) and eating food in my room with friends. Right now there’s not really any good surfaces to play games on in my room, among other things.

The Recipe:

* by the seat of my pants

6 thoughts on “The Week of Sandwiches: Vegg Salad Sandwich Bento

  1. Your photos look great, very clear and no shadows etc. Do you use anything special? I just use my camera and often struggle with the lightning although it’s better now it’s lighter in the mornings.

    • I use a Kodak tripod, a Canon Powershot ELPH 150 IS[or I5](no clue what any of that means, a friend whom is more apt with cameras helped me pick it out). I also take my photos in the evening where there is seldom daylight, so I have two lamps(I have a dark green paint on my walls, ugh) to provide light to my room. One is a bendy light with a clamp, so I adjust it all sorts of ways and take a bunch of photos. Sometimes I’ll also change the levels and such in the camera itself to get it to come out closer to the actual bento.

      I generally take about 10-15 shots before I turn off the camera and pop the SD card into my computer, and pick the best one, crop out extra stuff(like not patterned paper backdrop stuff) and put the blog name on it using MS paint. :P

      • Ah yes, that’s a much more professional approach than my ‘point and shoot’ method with my phone. I would like to (learn) how to make better photos but because I mostly pack my lunches in the morning before work, I don’t have the time…. It’s already time consuming to make something more creative than just rice..

      • I (99% of the time) make mine the night before and take the photo right after making them, cooking up a quick bento is how I generally unwind.
        That said, if you have an old digital camera, get a cheap tripod, I got mine brand new in the box at a yard sale for $1, I’ve seen them at goodwill too.
        My backgrounds are actually scrapbook paper. ;)

        If you get a system in place and have a spot dedicated for bento photos, maybe that could just be like a photo shoot spot, you could set your bento there, snap a few pics and tend it before bed?

      • I don’t like making my bento the evening before, but a tripod may sound the way to go, I know there are ones for mobile phones as well. Thanks for the tip

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