Umeboshi Bento! And- Vegan Coupons?


I’m putting all that extra rice I cooked up Sunday to good use! I’m having another go at it with my umeboshi in rice, along with yummy edamame, Gardein’s beefless tips, and baby dill pickles.

The umeboshi is incredibly strong, so hopefully I’ll be able to get this one all the way down. I love vinegar soaked foods(hello pickles!) but really struggled with the umeboshi last time.

As for the vegan coupon part; would any of you be interested if I linked vegan coupons I find online? I understand that for many, products such as Gardein can be prohibitively expensive, and even a few pennies off a pack of tofu or bag of frozen veggies there can be a huge help for some.
If you do want me to start doing that, would you prefer it to be on another site, as a second half of the weekday bento post,or even as a weekend post separate from the bento posts but still on this site? If you’re opposed to it, may I ask why?

It’s just an idea I started kicking around last night since so many of the vegan deals/coupons sites I find seem to wind up out of date pretty easily(Boo! :[ ).

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