Snack Bento


This bento was a snack I threw together for yesterday morning. The Ezekiel bread could have used some sort of margarine or jam.

That said, I’m still waiting on answers to the question about vegan coupons on this blog!

As for the vegan coupon part; would any of you be interested if I linked vegan coupons I find online? I understand that for many, products such as Gardein can be prohibitively expensive, and even a few pennies off a pack of tofu or bag of frozen veggies there can be a huge help for some.
If you do want me to start doing that, would you prefer it to be on another site, as a second half of the weekday bento post,or even as a weekend post separate from the bento posts but still on this site? If you’re opposed to it, may I ask why?

It’s just an idea I started kicking around last night since so many of the vegan deals/coupons sites I find seem to wind up out of date pretty easily(Boo! :[ ).

4 thoughts on “Snack Bento

  1. I’m surprised nobody has answered your question. I think having a link to coupons for vegan products is a really good idea. I’m not vegan myself, but having easy access to coupons for vegan products would be a good way to improve my diet and eat less meat/dairy, which is always good. As for the how and when…maybe its own post on the weekend on this site or late weekday. I do my shopping on Sundays, so…. And maybe, if the coupon has a short expiration date you could have a special post during the week to make sure it’suseful. That’s just a suggestion, though.

    I’ve never posted here before, but I’ve been reading your blog for several weeks now and have read many of the archive ones, too. :)

    Brenda in Arizona

    • Thank’s for your response! :)
      But I do agree with you on the Sunday post. I clip coupons and look through sales fliers Sundays, but sadly I live on the east coast and some of the chains I shop at don’t go across the board. Posting really good deals for where I live might not be able to help a lot of people.
      But at least online deals and coupons! :)
      I might try a test post today, see how it goes.

      • Well, if you shop at chain stores, there’s often equivalent stores in other parts of the country that have the same sales such as Kroger. We also have Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Anyway, you never know what is available in other parts of the country so it wouldn’t hurt to post it all. :)

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