Tabletop Gaming Bento


Today’s bento has me super excited for lunch to roll around! I spent a bunch of time during my breaks at work looking at Japanese in orgin bento and got a few ideas on styling, so I’m pleased to see how this turned out! I decided to go with a gaming dice motif, it’s simple but cute.

Today’s bento has Gardein’s Crispy Tenders, Gardein’s Beefless tips, Girl Scout Thin Mints(they’re vegan now!), celery, carrots, edamame and a pickle. On the other half is more of that Shepard’s pie I made along with some fake dice crafted out of Tofutti’s vegan cheese slices and nori for detailing. I wish I could get a better go at the lighting, but it was so dark outside that any hope of a daylight photo was gone last night, when I made this.

All three photos of dice are all mine from my Instagram. I play magic and had a grand time with some friends playing 13th Age. Our DM is one of the most creative people I know and he’s currently in Hong Kong for studying abroad! You can follow him here:

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