Vegan Deals and Coupons 5/10/15

I’m testing out a new style of post so let me know what you think in the comments!

The coupons and deals that I share are all vegan products that I personally enjoy. If I don’t think it’s a good product, I simply won’t share it with the exception of a few things.
I live in a weird place where we tend to be late in the game to get new products. If I see a coupon for something such as an organic tofu brand that I haven’t seen in the area, I will share it but put the caveat that I haven’t tried it yet.

If it’s a coupon for a product that could potentially not be vegan(such as $1 off any Morningstar product) I will specify and make a recommendation for my favorite vegan products by that company.

That being said, this week’s post are all for products I personally enjoy and endorse!

Sweet Leaf has 30% off on all Water Enhancers



$1 off Gardein Products!



$1 off Any Boca Product! I’d recommend the Chick’n Patties!



$1 ofOdwalla! I’ve enjoyed a few of their flavors, but I haven’t tried them all!


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