You Smell Like Bread Bento

I notice it occasionally. In the supermarket, I occasionally get a whiff of someone who smells like a bread truck, and they usually are buying quite a lot of sandwich fixings (including bread of the poorest quality). When I worked as a grocery shore cashier, I remember smelling an intense odor of bread and a person had 10 loaves in their cart. But get this, it has to be the people because whenever I go down a bread aisle, I don’t smell bread at all unless I put my nose close to a plastic wrapped loaf.

IMG_0935This zucchini bread is amazing. I bought it from this nice young gentleman who bakes these delicious cakes nearby. If you’re in Salisbury, MD on the weekend I might be able to find  This bento took about ten minutes to prepare, the potatoes are instant.IMG_2028 (1)

4 thoughts on “You Smell Like Bread Bento

  1. Hi, I have to tell you, I’m really glad you are back. :) I’m from Czech Republic – vegan and bentoholic and I also have a blog – about vegan cooking (and this is combination that you don’t see here much often :D ), so I really love to read your blog and every day I check the mail if you already publish a new article. So thanks again! (And sorry if I wrote something wrong – my english ins’t great).

    • Your English is really good! I followed along, you seem to be quite fluent.
      So are you a fellow vegan bento blogger? I don’t see a way to check out your blog! 😭
      But thank you so very much for following the site! Readers are what keep me motivated, and inspired.
      If you ever want to guest post, let me know!

      • Thank you for the compliments on my English. :) I often translate vegan documents from English to Czech as a volunteer, but I don’t feel confident in speaking or writing in English…
        Well my blog is mostly about cooking, some bentos too (but not much yet, during the winter and early sping there is a very bad ligth for taking photos and I don’t have any professional lighting).You can look, but it is all in Czech. :/ But if you are interested in something, write me, I can translate it. :)

        I will continue to read your blog, I love it! :) Your posts always make my day – especially when I’m at work. ;)

        PS: on my blog the bentos are under the tab “Jídlo na cesty”

      • Oh wow, that’s super cool! Maybe I could do the same but only in Japanese, once I get a decent grasp on the language.

        And I’m checking out your blog now! :)

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