6 thoughts on “Sister Bento!

    • Haha, I actually didn’t make her bento, she had to do it herself. I provided the tools and made her make hers along with me.
      She’s 16, skips breakfast almost daily, and her lunches have consisted of 75 cent salads that are mostly greens. Like, no wonder she’s starving when she gets home from school!
      Her grades have also been suffering, and I believe the lack of a lunch is a big contributor. :(

      • Lunch is very important. I feel that making your own lunch makes you excited for lunch time because you made it. Hope your sister starts making more Bento’s for lunch and joins the bento community!

      • OMG, if she joined the community, that would make my month! There’s not enough gluten free food blogs, and I can’t say I’ve seen a single food blog tackle regular gluten free packed lunches!

      • I should probably take a look into something similar, but since I’m vegan it’d be more limited, so it’d have to be like a run for a week.
        I really enjoy gluten products ^\\\^

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