Cookie Square Bento


Today’s bento is actually from my blogging break, back in May! I had a really cute idea for today’s bento, but it turned out rather poor looking, so I decided to dig through old bento photos, seeing what I hadn’t used yet.

I have so many bento!

So this bento is made with vegan cookies from the farmer’s market, pickles, apple slices, Gardein’s meatless meatballs, and some fresh mashed potatoes with green onions on top.

3 thoughts on “Cookie Square Bento

    • OMG, IKR?! Every time one of my omnivore friends(let’s call her veg-curious) is over at around dinner time, she always finds a way to suggest we make spaghetti for dinner or just have them with some other stuff.

      The next time I need to take my massive bento to a gathering, I’m gonna buy cute food picks and stick them in these things after they’ve been cooked up as an entire tier. *drools* I need to buy more of these. :3

      So you bento too? Do you have a blog or something that you post them to? I am always looking for new bento-ists to follow because even the simplest bentos inspire me to get creative. :)

      • Hahahahaha! I love the term “veg-curious”! That sums me up quite well! I eat only fish and poultry, but am always trying many meatless options to gauge whether or not they are good. Oh god, these specific meatballs are just beyond delicious! I must confess there has been many a time that I have snuck them to gatherings under the false pretense that they were actual meat……and everyone adores them! <> : ) Oh yes I bento as well, and i love it. It’s an easy option for bringing my lunches to work and knowing what I’m eating…though not so easy is explaining to my male co-workers why my boxes are “so small” (I work in a weld shop as I worked through college and now while I’m job hunting after graduation…and these guys treat bento boxes with incredulousness and suspicion! hahaha). I do not currently have a blog but it is funny you should mention it because I finally have decided to take the leap and try to create one! It is so hard to come across good dedicated bento blogs/vlogs, when I found yours I was so happy for the inspiration! : )

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