Bad Idea Bento

Another bento that’s been sealed away to never see the light of day- until today…

2014-05-26 10.59.20

So this bento was my attempt at making some kind of dragon charaben. I think I was trying to make Niv Mizzet out of red peppers and Nori.

Don’t they look just alike?

This bento reminds me of art by a three year old. Still not quite sure how to draw what’s in their mind, but they have a vision and they’re gonna make it come to life, darn it!

The blue blob was me trying to be cute and putting a blob of mochi I had made(big mistake!) in some vegan yogurt(another big mistake! [putting the mochi in it- the yogurt was delicious]).

I’m really enjoying these terrible throwbacks to the past. What about you guys? I have some more saved up!

Also, don’t worry, I’m still making and photographing my bento, I just figured I’d open the proverbial vault, and remind you all (but mostly myself) of how much I’ve grown as a bentoist.

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