Gourmet Grafitti Girl Bento

When I watch anime, I especially take notice at the bento that the characters are eating. I swear, I drive my boyfriend and a few friends crazy when we watch anime together.

So I decided to recreate my first ever anime bento!


This bento is based off of the above bento from Gourmet Grafitti Girl, Episode 2, which you can stream on Crunchyroll(If you need a premium pass, let me know)! I made vegan Karaage using Gardein’s Chick’n strips, I added the plumpest cherry tomato I could see in the container, I made some cucumber, onion vinegar salad, tofu scramble, and sweet potato.

Granted, I know that the cucumber dish and the scrambled tofu are probably not supposed to be that in the anime, the protagonist didn’t really say, so I got inventive.

I’m not sure if this belongs under Kyaraben or daily lunches since is is basically from an anime, but since it looks more traditional, I’ll put it under daily lunches. If I make more bento like this, I’ll certainly make a unique category for this sort of bento. After all, it’s basically Steal Her Style, but for food.

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