Sleepy Bear Bento

I don’t usually show off my lunches to my coworkers, usually I try to scarf down any kyaraben I make because I always feel like a weirdo when they see my lunches and comment on it(the last time this happened was when I was eating my Dio Brando bento). Yesterday was an exception.  I usually don’t have to wait for the microwave during lunch, but today I was, so I asked the coworker whose food was reheating if they wanted to see my lunch because I went a little bonkers when making it(since we were waiting and it was a weirdly awkward silence… I didn’t expect him to like it as much as he did, I was expecting to get teased, to be honest).

He wanted to take a picture to show his wife! I can’t say I’ve ever known of any instances of anyone sharing photos of my bento unless it’s a retweet by some vegan blog on Twitter or a specific site that basically steals my content and sharing it and basically touting it on their own website(which is why I started putting my site name on the photos, I need to get back to doing that).

Anyway, bear is made from rice, mashed potatoes, nori and one drop of green food dye and one drop of yellow food dye.

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